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Two New Quilts

February 15, 2008

Bright QuiltAnimal Quilt

So, I am a little behind in my postings. Since I didn’t get anything posted last week I am going to post two today. The quilt on the left is the one I finished a couple of weeks ago. I love the bright springy colors- those are my colors. We just had a class in making this quilt and Jan made hers in a lilac print with purples and greens and it is absolutely beautiful! I love it when students in a class pick totally different colors than the shop model. It opens your eyes to the oh so many possibilities that are out there.

The quilt on the right is one that my mom (Vicki) finished a couple of weeks ago. The pattern is based around a 10″ finished square, so any large print or pre-printed block can be made into a quilt. In this case, Vicki used a pre-printed animal panel and added coordinating colors.

Kyle and I are both sick and last week we were busy with the final details of a surprise birthday party for my Mom and Dad. They were surprised! Anyhow I haven’t had a chance to start anything new or finish up those couple of things that are part way done. I am looking forward to our new “Stashbuster” group that we will be having on the second Saturday of each month. Not only will people get to come and work on their projects in our classroom and have help if they need it but, we will also get to work on our “Stash” – those projects that just need binding or a few seams. Until next time – happy crafting!

Lisa 😉

Banner of the month club

February 2, 2008

Jan, Feb, and March BannersWe just finished the March banner of the month wall hanging. If you click on the small picture you can see the Jan., Feb. and March banners a little bigger. Of course the colors are much better in real life than in pictures and the photographer (that’s me!)was a little off center, because these banners are actually all the same size. We only have May, June and July left to make before we have the whole year completed. They are so cute hanging up on the wall in the shop.  These are kits and are available for sale.  Contact us for more information.

I just finished a quilt top I have been working on for the past few weeks. I will probably post that picture next week. It is bright, cheery and very springy. A big contrast to our beautiful, white snowy world. As I write there are lots of snowmobiles going by and it is snowing ever so lightly. So now that I have my quilt top finished I have to decide my next project. I have a couple of things in mind – a crochet sweater vest for Kyle, a couple of purses, the coolest floppy sun hat for keeping the summer sun off your face and probably a couple of more things that aren’t coming to mind at the moment. I love being able to have a list of different projects to choose from depending on my mood and time. Off to pick that new project – happy crafting!

“All Threads Lead to Paradise!”

Lisa 😉