Enjoy and Appreciate Your Surroundings

What happens when your blog post is long overdue? Quite simply, life!

Everyone agrees, without question, the joys of family and friends always takes precedence over all else. The family birthdays, anniversaries, visits from relatives living far away, visits from friends old and new and picnics on a beautiful day.

Our grandson; the joys of watching him grow: baseball and soccer games, school programs and spending time together fishing, picking wild blueberries, walking the beach, a walk in the woods and priceless time together, not wanting to miss a minute as he grows up all too quickly.

And then there is the world around us. If you follow my Facebook posts, you know my love of nature. I am delighted to spend a few minutes watching a sunrise or sunset as the colors evolve from ho-hum to spectacular and then disappear so quickly. What a way to start the day when treated to so many brilliant colors in a sunrise.

At first glance, the trees are green, a flower may be red, the lake blue, the clouds white or dark. Take another look. There are so many shades of green tree buds in the spring, the colors of the flowers, the changing colors of Lake Superior, big puffy clouds, dark storm clouds, drips of rain in the puddles, the sparkling of the leaves as they blow in the wind and catch the light and, of course, the fall colors.

While the desire to write a regular blog calls, everyday life seems to have a stronger tug on my time and I easily get lost in the moment.

“Take time to smell the roses” says so much more!

I delight in the iridescence of the blue morning glories and the glowing yellow of the Ozark sun drop; each of these blossoms only lasting a day. The scent of the phlox blossoms is so sweet and yet subtle.

Have you ever watched a bird having the time of his life taking a bath in a fresh rain puddle? How about the way the seagulls can catch the winds to either soar or nearly stand still like a helicopter. And those hummingbirds zooming about with pinpoint accuracy!
I’ve been privileged to watch a chipmunk enjoying a feast of wild blueberries, sitting quietly at the edge of the highway watching and listening as a mother bear and cub rejoin after being separated while crossing the road, families of ducks and geese swimming along the shore, baby loons hitching a ride on mom’s back, pileated woodpeckers creating giant holes in dead trees looking for food, listening to the songs of the birds as they call to each other, watching how a spider builds and then mends its web on the outside of the window, flocking birds in the fall taking a rest on a wire and the comedy resulting when one more tries to squeeze in.

I like to explore the patterns of frost and rain on the windows and watch giant snowflakes as they float gently to the ground and look for the rainbows when the sun pops out during a rain shower.

My life experiences are a big influence on my needle arts in my choices of colors, selection of patterns, reflecting on experiences as I stitch and even taking my stitching outside to listen to the birds sing, the wind blow thru the trees and feeling the warmth of the sunshine on an early spring or a late fall day. My stitching and my experiences with nature do not conflict, but rather complement each other.

While you haven’t heard from me in a while, I have been very busy. I hope this inspires you to enjoy and appreciate your surroundings. As for me, I may be out chasing butterflies or snowflakes, depending on the season! My next project will include the colors I see or be a butterfly or snowflake quilted project!

What a wondrous world! Be sure to take the time to “smell the roses”!

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