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Don’t Let Procrastination Rob You

April 21, 2015

I have been spring cleaning.I was in the mood and seized the moment! Sometimes no matter what needs to be done, you need to act on the urge to tidy things up. The urge to clean doesn’t happen often!

Like many of you, I have some things that I promised myself I would get to “someday”. I just couldn’t part with these things; up until now! I realized my tastes have changed. I have some things that just don’t excite me like they once did.

We all pass up the new and exciting because we feel guilty about the things not done.You know what happens, you have some time to stitch, go to your collection of supplies and those “ghosts” haunt you.You procrastinate because you don’t want to stitch on something that your heart is just not really into anymore, but you feel you shouldn’t start something new.Undecided, you pass up on the opportunity to stitch and find something else to do and the “ghosts” accumulate and continue to haunt.I decided to stop letting the “ghosts” hold me back.This procrastination robs us of valuable and enjoyable stitching time!

I gave away the things that no longer interest me.There is nothing wrong with our valued treasures; that’s what makes it so hard!We all have different tastes and there is no doubt that these items will be a treasure to someone else.Give them away!Have a swap!There are groups and individuals who make quilts, knit or crochet hats, prayer shawls and baby items.Take those items off your shelves and give them to those who will use them to benefit and comfort others.Give supplies to someone who wants to learn a needle art and help them learn.We all know how much joy we get from stitching.Share to make anothers’ life more relaxed and enjoyable.

Now that I’ve cleaned things up, I feel free to explore the new and exciting and am motivated again.It has given me a totally new outlook. I love going to my “playroom” and having the freedom to choose something really special.

Sort, give away; make others happy.Now you have the time to enjoy the things that really excite you!