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Nearly Finished Projects

December 9, 2014

I have been intending to write a new blog entry since September. How did we get to December already? I’ve had several thoughts; but nothing seemed to materialize. I just wasn’t able to create something worthy to share.

Unfinished projects saved me! I have recently decided that having unfinished projects are a good thing. I had several small projects that were set aside when other things had to be moved to the top of the list. These became “the someday when I have time” projects. As the restrictions of time diminished, there was time to return to these things I had been wanting to do. But then I didn’t know where to start! It seems so easy when we are busy to say “I can’t wait until I have time to do this”. Why is it so hard to pick something and get started?

I’ve experience this dilemma before. I’ve learned not to waste time fretting over what to do first. I usually have a knitting project that is close at hand and easy to pick up. Quite often it is a pair of socks or two. It is a good place to start; I can practically knit socks in my sleep. Knitting gives my mind a chance to calm down and sort things out while I am completing one of those “someday” projects.

Usually one small project is all it takes. This time it took several; I had really lost my way! Which I guess explains why you haven’t heard from me before now.

After completing two socks, two scarves, (each only needing a few rows), adding the finishing touches to the pattern for the scarves and knitting a new pair of mittens, my mind is now ready to make decisions. OK, now I am motivated and ready to go! My unfinished projects were a real blessing, not a burden!

Don’t look at your unfinished projects as a burden or let them drag you down. Call them nearly finished and don’t feel guilty about having them. Remember, you are saving them for a reason. They have a purpose and will serve you well. You are saving them for the day when you need the psychological boost of tying up loose ends and starting over. Completing a small project or two will bring you back on track and enable you to focus. It is a matter of perspective and the power of positive thinking. Having nearly finished projects on hand is a good thing!

Life seems to be full of busy times and events that throw us off track. Thank goodness we have these nearly finished projects of something we love to do to rely on in such emergencies.

Now you know where I’ve been, what I’ve been up to, how I got back and hopefully I’ll be in touch more frequently. But if the need arises, I do have more nearly finished projects ready to rescue me just in case!

The holidays are a busy time; sometimes it is hard to refocus when they are over. Start or save a nearly finished project for January!