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Olympic Skills in the Needle Arts

March 11, 2014

Did you watch the 2014 Winter Olympics?  The skaters seem to glide over the ice so effortlessly, the skiers weave their way through the downhill course like ribbons cascading in the wind, and we watch the snowboarders sail up and down the icy walls of their event in amazement. They make it look so easy that we forget all the hours, weeks and years of preparation to qualify for the Winter Olympics. Only when we  see them gasping for breath at the end of their events, do we then realize how much effort they are putting into their performances.

These professionals obviously love what they have practiced for years. We admire their performances; they make it look like so much fun that we want to try it for ourselves. We can enjoy the sports even though we know that we will never achieve their same level of skill. We are encouraged by their skills rather than being discouraged by them. We need to remind ourselves that they are the best of the best.

The same can be said of quilting, knitting, crocheting, embroidery or whatever you enjoy or are dreaming of trying. Challenging ourselves is what keeps us interested in what we are doing. Did you notice how the Olympians continue to try to better their personal times? Once something is no longer challenging, we abandon it, or give up too easily saying we can’t accomplish perfection.  The needle arts are no different than any other activity. We can’t expect to try it once with perfect results any more than we would put on a pair of skis and zoom down the course at 60-70 miles per hour on the first try. Instead we start on the smallest hill and work our way up.

To enjoy and perfect your needle art skills, take classes, practice and give yourself a chance to grow and nurture your skills. You don’t have to become a professional to enjoy what you do and take pride in your accomplishments. We tend to be too critical of ourselves and it gets in the way of the enjoyment. Learning something new is so invigorating and encourages us to move forward.

Learn, practice, enjoy and take pride. It is so worth the effort!  Village Fabrics and Crafts offers classes, seminars, and techniques to advance your skills on a monthly basis.  Check our class schedule regularly  and join others in advancing your skills while enhancing your enjoyment of needle arts.