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Why Needle Arts?

March 1, 2014

Why do you knit, sew, quilt, crochet, embroider, needlepoint? In the past these skills were performed out of necessity to keep warm and to commemorate special events such as weddings and births. Quilting bees and guilds provided companionship and the opportunity to share the skills and pass them on to future generations.

Needle arts would not be where they are today without the immense knowledge that has been passed from generation to generation. How lucky we are that our mothers, sisters, aunts, friends, acquaintances and even strangers have taken the time to share and teach each other to keep the skills alive and thriving.

Why? It brings us such great joy in so many ways and we want to share that joy!

We open our hearts and make things for new babies, weddings, birthdays, Christmas, “just because” and to aid and comfort those who need a little help in today’s world. We enjoy the process, the creativity, the sense of accomplishment, the learning and the giving. While methods, tools, fabrics, yarns, threads, guilds and clubs have all evolved, the heart of the needle artist remains the same.  We continue to share with each other and to teach each other.

We need to be sure to include the children so that future generations will not be denied all the joys that the needle arts bring to our lives.  It connects our pasts and our futures. If you are fortunate enough to have stitched with someone special when your were a child, think of the wonderful memories you have of those experiences and your treasured hand stitched heirlooms items that were created by someone you love. While you are stitching, how many times do these memories surface and bring a smile? Create those kind of treasured memories for the children in your lives. Create the heirloom items that they will treasure forever.

Continue to learn, take classes, refresh your skills and pass them on!