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Not Your Ordinary Jelly Roll Quilt

March 8, 2013

Worldwide Quilting Day is coming soon, March 16 in fact.  We are going to see how many inches we can sew in a day and the easiest way to do this is by making Jelly Roll strip quilts sometimes also referred to as the 1600 inch Jelly Roll Race.  Since I will be busy with lunch and things on the 16th I decided to put my quilt together early.  Once I got the strips pieced and put together I thought it needed a little something.  Something to make it more unique, more me!  I have added a border and big appliquéd flowers that will have jumbo yellow yo yo’s for centers.  Think of the possibilities!  The strip pieced top only takes about 2 hours and then you can embellish at home as you see fit.  If you would like more details or to join us for our event call (906)492-3803.  Details can also be found on our web site at  Please register by 5pm on March 9.Image