Stashbusters Fun

One look out the window or a quick step out the door and we all know that those late winter days of summer sunshine and temperatures were a real mean tease by Mother Nature!

Let’s show Mother Nature that she can’t dampen our spirits; we are going to have the time of our lives anyway! Tomorrow (Thursday April 19) from 10am – 9pm is Stashbusters at Village Fabrics & Crafts in Paradise! A full day of “forget about the weather” and have a great day stitching and laughing together. Spend the whole day or as much as your schedule permits to beat the “I don’t like this weather” blues.

Think of the projects in your stash as mellowing like fine wine or cheese; they get better with age. Tomorrow during Stashbusters we will give you a gift if you are the one stitching on the largest, best aged and mellowed Stashbuster project, the one finishing the smallest vintage project, the one who stitches with us the longest tomorrow and the one who is stitching on the most prized special Stashbuster item; the one you are finishing for yourself!

Reminder, there is another Stashbusters on Wed. April 25 from 10am – 5pm. The forecast is again calling for a chance of rain. Let’s stitch as much as we can while the “April showers are bringing May flowers!”



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