July 14th, 2011

Check out what we have been working on!

We recently received a brand new line of wonderful wildlife flannel.  Here is the quilt top:

This one can be made in a variety of sizes by adding or subtracting a row at the bottom or along the side.  It is hard to tell in the picture but the outside border is a bear and deer print.

Vicki ALWAYS has a sock project going!  She has found that she loves the sport weight yarn plus it knits up on a size 3 needle rather than a size 1.  I think it was only a couple of days from start to finish for this sock.

We have been making models in the shop using PUL.  We are in love with it and keep coming up with new ways to use it!  PUL is a polyester knit fabric with a polyurethane coating (which feels like a lightweight vinyl).  PUL is soft, easy to sew through and can be washed and dried.  So far we have used it in a baby bib and as the lining of a  fabric lunch sack.  Kyle is already searching the shop for just the right fabric so he can have his own personalized lunch sack for school this fall and I will be thrilled to be able to throw it in the wash each week so I know it is clean!

Till next time happy crafting!

Lisa 🙂


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