9 Patch Project 2011

It’s back!!  The 9 Patch Project is here again for the summer months.  You just can’t go wrong with this one and it is just plain fun!  There are no rules and nothing to buy.  You simply make one 9 patch block each day for the next three months from your stash.  Anything goes; from organized to entirely scrappy!   You can make a block a day, make several on a rainy day, make them with friends, make them at Stashbusters, exchange blocks with friends for more colors, it’s all up to you.  If you fall behind, just make a smaller quilt.  No stress here – just fun!

You can share your progress along the way or keep it a secret and surprise us.  Share pictures by email or post on our facebook page.  Bring your blocks or finished project into the shop to share.  We would love to see them all!

We officially started on June 1st, but if you are just joining us don’t worry!  Feel free to catch up with us or begin now and don’t worry about the blocks you didn’t do.  There won’t be any quilting police knocking on your door.  This year Vicki is going to continue to work on the 9 patch project she started last year in hopes of finishing it this year.

Not sure where to start?  Check out the pictures and tutorial below.

First decide what size square to use.  It doesn’t really matter but be sure to pick a size you like to work with.  For instance, I have chosen to work with 4″ squares.  Personally, I don’t care for working  with little squares and prefer a big bold block.  Others may like a 2″ square, again it is all up to you.


This year I have chosen to do one print through the whole quilt and pair it with different contrasting colors.  I am also going to strip piece them instead of doing individual squares.  If you are doing a scrappy quilt you will probably want to cut all your squares to start with and them assemble as you go.  For strip piecing, I am cutting 2 – 4″ wide 44″ long strips of the print and 2 strips of the same size of the contrasting color.  The strips then get cut in half (22″ long) and then get pair up.  As you see in the above picture I have one set of strips with two prints and one contrast and the other set with two contrast and one print.

Sew these strip sets together using a 1/4″ seam allowance and press towards the dark print.

These strip set will now be trimmed and cut.  I will be cutting 4″ strips since that is the size I started with, but if you started with a different size strip in the beginning than that is the size you will cut now.

When you are finished cutting you will have this:

Lay them out so you have the blocks you are going to sew together and you have this:



Here’s a neat little trick – since the seams were pressed toward the dark side, the seams nest into one another making it easy to match corners.

Sew blocks together using 1/4″ seam allowances and press seams to the dark side again.


Yipee!  Now there are 4 completed blocks and I am ready to move on to the next color.  Stay tuned to see what other colors I choose and how I decide to lay it out in the end when all my blocks are finished.

Till next time – happy crafting!

Lisa 🙂


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