October 21, 2010

Goodness gracious, where does time slip away too?  Many of you have seen my little boy, Kyle,  in the shop for the last few years.  At first, we carried him around with us, then he crawled and walked.  As he has gotten older he has learned to help out around the shop with little jobs here and there.   I have seen a few of you disappointed on days when he isn’t here with me and I have seen many of you laugh at the crazy things he says.  Well, this year that child turned five and headed off to kindergarten.  It has been a whole new world to Grandma, Grandpa and myself  the last couple months.  My days have changed; we are up earlier in the morning so we can get to school, and the house is quieter at night since he goes to bed earlier.  (However, I am finding a bit more time to enjoy knitting or crocheting at night now.)  I am feeling more productive these days. I don’t know if I really am or just more organized.  I love it when the bus pulls up at 3:50pm to drop him off from school.  He comes in, eats a snack and then does his little jobs here and there and tells us about his day.

The exciting part for you, about Kyle going to school and us having a bit more “organized” time in our day, is the fact that we have come up with an amazing class schedule full of new things and some great events too!  In 2011 Village Fabrics & Crafts will be celebrating its 25 year in business and we will have a year full of fun and exciting events and classes  so we can celebrate the whole year long.  (Kyle being 5 doesn’t make me feel old, but the shop being 25 does!)  The details for events and fun things for next year are still in the works but make sure to watch here, on facebook and our email newsletter so you can join us in the celebration!  For now, enjoy all the great new models and projects we have been working on and be sure to visit the website (www.villagefabricsandcrafts.com) for a listing of all the upcoming classes.  All three of the models below are being offered as classes over the next couple of months.

Get ready for winter with this cute and cuddly flannel quilt!  The snowmen and mittens are sure to warm anyone up.  This is a exclusive pattern only at  Village Fabrics & Crafts.  I came up with the concept and Deb and Doris ran with it.  The next thing I knew,  they had completed the quilt!


We ordered a line of fabric back in February that I waited and waited for because I was in love with it!  It finally arrived in mid September and I quickly picked a pattern and got started on it.  This is a really cool pattern that uses 20 fat quarters or regular quarter yards- your choice.  You can mix and match too.  Luckily this group of fabric from Lakehouse had 20 pieces of regular prints plus one piece with large flowers.  This is what I came up with:  The large flowers are fused into place with fusible webbing and will be stitched down through the batting and backing fabric.


Vicki has been working with the new curved rulers for squares and rectangles.  This is a work in progress at the moment using the curved square ruler.  She says that these blocks are like log cabin blocks because you can lay them out in many different ways to make different designs.  Its not the blocks that are hard, its trying to decide how to place them! These are very gentle curves and don’t even need to be pinned before sewing.

Till next time – happy crafting!

Lisa 🙂


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    Beautiful crafts!

    Pam Betz Hines

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