September 14, 2010

The 9 Patch Picnic will be on Saturday, September 18th from 11am – 1pm.  Please be sure to call us (906-492-3803) or send us an email ( to let us know you are attending so we can plan accordingly.  Don’t worry if you are just starting on your 9 Patch blocks or don’t have as many done as you would have liked, come join us for the fun and bring your blocks to share!

We have had lots of new fabrics and yarns brought through our doors the last few weeks by the Ed the UPS guy.  We drool, ooh and ahh over them all.  We order things so far in advance that sometimes we have forgotten what is coming by the time it comes in!

Several new wildlife panels have arrived; deer, eagle, rabbit, winter bird and more.  Some of these panels are larger and would make a great starting point for a bed size quilt.  We used the winter bird and made this wall hanging with some coordinating colors.

We have shown the Sew Simple Pineapple quilt in a previous post and now the Sew Simple Pineapple Plus is here.  The “Plus” part allows the use of more colors.  This expample is made with a lovely Moda holiday line.

Football season is here and what better way to decorate for your party with this football themed fabric.  The border stripe has been added to the kitchen towel as well as made into one of the quick and easy 60 degree triangle table runners.  If you aren’t a football fan, this would also make a great gift!

That is all for now!  All four of us are in the middle of new models that will be ready to be posted shortly so stay tuned.  Please feel free to contact us if you would like something you see here or want more information – we ship and mail all over the USA.  Visit us on facebook too!  Most of the time the posts here are different than what gets posted on facebook.  Log in to your account and search for Village Fabrics & Crafts.  Click the “like” button to stay updated.

Till next time – happy crafting!

Lisa 🙂


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