July 14th, 2010

Wow, what a fun summer we have been having!  It is so nice to see so many familiar faces coming in the shop each day and we are so excited about new projects, new fabrics and new activities.  First of all, we were thrilled to win the “Most Patriotic” award for the Village Fabrics & Crafts float in the Paradise 4th of July parade.  Here’s a picture for you if you were unable to attend the parade.It is a bit hard to read but the banner on the float says, “Betsy Ross Got Supplies At Village Fabrics & Crafts.”  It is of course, topped off with Betsy herself sitting with her sewing machine and fabrics.  If you would like to see more pictures of our parade float and you have a facebook account, just log in, search for Village Fabrics & Crafts.   While you are there click our “Like” button to become one of our fans.

Deb just finished this moose raggy quilt.  The pattern is new from Spring Quilt Market.  Aren’t the moose just as cute as can be?

I know that it is early but Christmas and the winter holidays will be coming soon so we have these two new apron panels.  They are made from the heavier home dec weight of fabric and would make a great gift for some one or make one for yourself.  We have lined them with a pretty fabric on the back side so they can be made quickly and could even be reversible. 

Even though I don’t do much hand stitching I love doing the button hole stitch embroidery stitch.  When these new wool felt kits arrived I could not wait to start one!  I was thrilled that  the kit contained everything I needed (needle, floss and embellishments) and really liked the fact the applique designs were die cut so I didn’t have  to cut them out.  They are many designs to choose from – flowers, fall leaves, snowmen and  some are round, some are square.  They would make a great little table centerpiece or a little wall hanging.

We have been having fun making up all sorts of different fabric combinations for this great little table runner pattern.  Three fabrics are all you need for it and it will work great for larger prints.  Make the backing a totally different print and then you can turn it over for two table runners in one!

We have been working on our 9 Patch Project blocks, have you?

Till next time, happy crafting!

Lisa 🙂


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