A 9 Patch Project Update

Vicki’s 9 Patch Project Update

Vicki says: I now have 32 blocks completed.  I’m not an over achiever; just totally addicted to these quilt blocks!  Not sure why; maybe it’s the colors or that it is just playing.  How often do we get to really play.  Anyway, that stack of batik squares just keeps calling to me!
A little history about my blocks.  I had this stack of batik squares in all shades of the rainbow.  When I read about the 9 Patch Project, those squares immediately came to mind.  I have two each of every color.   I decided that I really wanted to take advantage of the rainbow effect rather than mixing all of the colors.  When I cut each square in half both ways I have 8 squares of each color.  To make two blocks and reverse the colors in position I would need 9 squares of each color.  So I decided to put something different in each center square.  I knew I didn’t want white and solid black just didn’t strike me either.  Then I spied the black and white dot batik.  Even though that did not come from my stash, that was fabric that had to go in the centers.  (As we said earlier; there are not rules so I can add a fabric not in my stash!)  It’s batik so it has the same rich color and the dots are random and I like that.
The stack of batiks each measured 6 ½” square so cutting them in half both ways yielded 4 squares 3 ¼” each which results in a finished block size of 8 ¼”.  Not a traditional size at all, but since they are all the same size it doesn’t matter.  IF I use all of my batik squares I need to make about 1 ½ blocks per day and will have a quilt approximately 90 x 108.  That stack of batik squares just keeps calling to me, so I might be able to accomplish my goal!

Lisa’s 9 Patch Project Update

Lisa says: I haven’t finished as many blocks as Vicki has but I am moving right along.  I have 7 blocks made and 3 of those are quilted and ready to go.  Since my 9 patches  are being constructed from 5″ flannel squares and will be joined together in the raggy edge style of quilting, I am trying to decide if I should start putting them together now or wait until they are all done.  Since I am quilting each 9 patch block as I go, my goal is to do one every other day.  I am a little behind for this month but think I can catch up and if not – that’s ok too!  Feel free to leave us a comment on how your 9 Patch Project is coming along.

We are getting new fabric in just about every other day and are busy making new models.  As soon as they are done, I will be snapping pictures and getting them posted here on the blog.  Meanwhile, if you would like to see pictures of the new fabrics, I have them posted on facebook.  If you have a facebook account, sign in and search for Village Fabrics & Crafts and click on the “Like” button.

Till next time, happy crafting!

Lisa 🙂


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