May 28, 2009

Spring has definitely sprung and summer is on its way!  You can almost see the leaves on the trees grow everyday.  With the rain we are having today the woods is full of the most beautiful green colors.  One would never realize that there where that many shades of green- how inspiring.

To inspire you I have some new things to show you.  My sons’ favorite new thing is this great play tent, we even let him make the final decision on which fabric he liked best.


There are so many wonderful fabrics that you could use to make this tent.  You could choose leaves, bark looking fabric, flowers anything!  In fact it is fun to let the kids choose and see what they pick out.  This pattern from Maw Bell also includes a pattern for a sleeping bag.

Journey’s Beginning is a new collection of fabrics from Wilmington Prints.  We have kits available for this new quilt that features bears, deer and wolves.


The cutest little ballerina backpack fabric panel is here.  The fabric panel features all the outer backpack pieces and you just need batting and lining.  It assembles quickly and would make a great gift.


Looking for a great gift for a special someone –  this note book holder from This & That.  It could be for the kids to make notes, leave one in the car, carry one in your purse, give one to a friend, sketch new quilt designs, or make notes on your knitting project.  Fun and easy to make!


Enjoy the day and until next time happy crafting!

Lisa 🙂


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