October 6th, 2008

Wow this week I have plaid moose, two knitted items, and a fun thing to do with orphan quilt blocks – so lets get started!

First the plaid moose. (This sounds like some kind of a poem, doesn’t it?  I have never seen a plaid moose, I never hope to see one…..)  Actually this moose doesn’t need to be just plaid.  He (or she) could be made from crazy and wild prints, florals, batiks whatever you would like.  “Here Come the Moose” from Boulder Creek Designs.

Next we have “Creative Fabric Weaving” from designer Julie Higgins.  This book gives you different ideas on how to use orphan blocks to turn them into other things such as table runners, wall hangings, placemats, vests or even jackets.  If you don’t have orphan blocks you can just use two or more colors of fabric to weave together.  Use the under, over, under, over technique of weaving and add assorted decorative threads if desired, and you have a unique work of art.  This book and model are a must see and must have so that you can start designing your own works of art.

We have a new hat kit from Dale of Norway using Ara yarn.  Ara is a wonderful thick and thin wool yarn.  The kit includes yarn and pattern to make one of two different hats.  Because of the way the hat is knitted it seems to fit all ages from my 3year old to me and the snowflake detail is so cute!  This is great practice for doing two colored knitting also.

We have the sweetest little baby blanket.  This blanket, about 24″ square and knitted from corner to corner, uses a yarn called “big Ball” and is knitted on size 17 needles.  It is the perfect snuggle size.  Great for that special last minute gift, this blanket can be completed in a couple of evenings or weekend.

Sock Update:  I am ready to pick up my stitches for the heel – yeah!

‘Till next time – happy crafting and remember “All Threads Lead to Paradise!”

Lisa 🙂


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