September 26th, 2008

What a beautiful fall season we are having!  There are so many pretty red and yellow trees this year and there is lots of color coming yet.  Be sure to get out and enjoy it!

We have found that lots of people are already starting gifts for the holiday season.  Vicki just finished a quilt from a group called Snowy Silence from South Seas fabrics.  Great quilt for any guy in your life. 

This tote bag from This & That, is fun to make and fun to use!  I made this one to match a dress that I wore to a wedding recently.  It has lots of pockets inside and was great to carry everything that I needed for me and my 3 year old.  You can make it from fat quarters, jelly roll strips or even your stash.  The strips are sewn on an angle so you don’t even have to worry about getting them straight.  Add some decorative stitching and a button and it is ready to go.

The Yo -Yo Makers from Clover are close to being the best thing since sliced bread.  I am not overly excited about sewing by hand but I will make yo -yo’s with the Yo-Yo makers.  They are a great project for the car or watching a movie.  You can select some beautiful fat quarters or use scraps in your stash.  For this little kitty we just finished, we selected specific batik fabrics.  The pattern for this little kitty (and many other very cute little creatures) come from Indygo Juction. 

I have started to go “green”.  Not like Kermit the Frog or anything, but I have been making these wonderful tote bags for groceries.  They hold lots of groceries, have great handles and because they are made of fabric they can easily be washed if something spills.

It has taken many, and I do mean many years to be talked into knitting socks.  I have given in to the peer pressure of the knitting world and have started a pair of socks.  Actually, I am knitting socks out of desperation.  I have a pair of leather clogs that have either stretched or my foot has shrunk because they are too big and I can not find socks thick enough to fill the space.  I was originally going to make tube socks but I have even been talked into doing heels.  I do have to admit it is going better than I thought it would.  I am cheating a slight bit by using 2 strands of worsted weight yarn and a size 8 needle but hey, we all have to start somewhere.  I am using a knitting technique called “The Magic Loop”.  With the Magic Loop you use one long circular needle instead of 4 double pointed needles.  It is easy to learn and once you do it, you will never use or need double pointed needles again.  For example, if you were making a hat and started on the bottom as you work your way to the top and decrease you will be able to keep using the same circular needle.  It is kind of hard to explain but The Magic Loop book has great pictures and much better instructions than I.  You may notice an orange colored yarn running through my knitting; that is where the heel will be placed.  With this heel technique you place a waste yarn where the heel will go and keep knitting the rest of the sock.  When you are done with the sock, you go back and pick up stitches and knit the heel.  Stay tuned – there will be more updates on the sock!

Happy crafting and remember “All Threads Lead to Paradise!”

Lisa 🙂


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