August 19th, 2008

We hope that everyone is enjoying summer. It has been a beautiful summer and the blueberry crop this year is wonderful. I hope that some of you were able to make it to our 25th Blueberry Festival last weekend here in Paradise. Kyle and I had some great blueberry muffins on Saturday from the Festival. Thank you to all the hard working people that help put the Wild Blueberry Festival together and keep it going year after year. Mark it on your calendars the Wild Blueberry Festival will be Aug. 21- 23 in 2009

Currently I have a wall hanging that needs borders and a new chenille project that I will show you next time but today I am going to showcase some of the wonderful gadgets that we use each day to assist us in our crafting. Today I will concentrate on sewing gadgets but will feature others in coming posts.

Curved safety pins are a great invention. They are used for basting your layers together and the curve helps to bring the point of the pin back to the top through the layers making it a little easier on your fingers.

Bobbin Savers are a rubbery type ring that you put your bobbins in so they don’t roll away on you. The bobbins fit in tight, yet they are easy to get out. We can attest to how well the bobbins stay in because when Kyle was a baby he thought they were a toy and would pick them up and play with them!

The above gadgets are all fairly new products that we have been using and just love. The mechanical pencil can be used for marking quilting lines on your quilts. There are different colors of lead also; white, yellow, green and gray.

Next, we have the new lighted tools from the Widget Company. There are lighted scissors, needle threader, seam ripper and snag grabber. They have a little LED light so they are nice and bright, plus an on/off switch and replaceable batteries. I know from experience that the seam ripper works great especially with dark threads and dark fabrics.

Best Press is a starch alternative that helps to give your fabrics a bit of crispness and helps to relax those stubborn wrinkles that you get sometimes. It comes in four different scents as well as unscented. If you have tried it and like it, we now have one gallon refills available.

The Dritz pillow template helps to make your throw pillows the right size so that they are nice and full. The template allows you to taper the corners of the pillow slightly so that the pillow form fills out the pillow better. It does make for a very nice looking pillow.

Till next time – Happy Crafting!

Lisa šŸ™‚


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