Our New Rainbow

Fabric RainbowFabric Rainbow

Here is the before and after of our new fabric rainbow. 71 bolts of new blenders in all colors. The first picture is after they have been unboxed and sorted by color and the second picture shows what they look like now after Vicki has worked her magic and put them in the correct order. The picture doesn’t do it justice – you have to see these in person. There is a color to match pretty much anything you want!

I am off to finish getting ready for our National Quilting Day event on Sat. March 15th. We are planning a party like no other! Lots of folks will be coming to make quilt blocks and some will be sewing for the very first time. The will make 2 blocks; one for themselves and one to be made into quilts for our local volunteer ambulance crew to hand out on runs. The local radio station will even be here doing a live broadcast and learning to sew. I sure hope I will have time to take pictures so I can post them next week!

Happy crafting and remember – All Threads Lead to Paradise!

Lisa 🙂


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