The Fun of Floor Cloths

Making fabric floorclothsfloorcloth fabric

On Saturday afternoon I started my fabric floor cloths. I have been trying for a couple of weeks to get this started. It is a bit of a process because all the fabrics and canvas that the fabrics are attached to have to be treated before you can start. We will be doing this as more of a demo rather than a class because of the time that things take to dry. If you don’t know what a floor cloth or floor quilt is, here is a quick general description. First of all there is no sewing involved so they are for anyone who has a love of fabric whether you sew or not. They are also great for scraps and pieces. Fabrics are treated and so is the canvas that the fabrics will eventually be stuck to. When the treated fabrics are dry you can cut out shapes like you would for quilts. You can use traditional quilt blocks or cut out motifs to do “applique” the options are endless! Once your pieces are cut, they will get stuck to the canvas and treated so they are protected from wear and tear. Floor cloths are great decorative rugs (but very usable), place mats, drink coasters, luggage tags, etc. Stay tuned!

In the first picture I am treating my fabrics and the other picture is of my fabrics all laid out to dry. Today is Monday and all the fabrics are dry and as stiff as cardboard! I hope to iron and cut shapes this afternoon and maybe start attaching them to the canvas. Stay tuned the next couple of days and you will probably see the finished floor cloth by the end of the week.

Happy crafting and remember – “All Threads Lead to Paradise!”

Lisa 😉


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    canvas16 Says:

    This is great! Can’t wait to see what else you do with this. Check out Canvasworks Floorcloths ( for more floorcloth info and supplies.

    Good Luck!


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